Lake Norman Waterfront Homes For Sale

Lake Norman Waterfront Home For Sale

While most visitors to our site are just interested in searching for homes, we are prepared to answer any questions you have about lake norman waterfront properties - 704-892-6350. Furthermore, we are pleased to offer this quick introduction to Lake Norman waterfront homes to help you while searching for waterfront homes on Lake Norman. Just follow the links for more details.

Lake Norman Waterfront Homes Displayed by Price Range

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If you would like to view one of these waterfront homes please contact us today. We would love to show what Lake Norman is all about.

Lake Norman Size & Location Information

Waterfront Lake Norman Exits off of Interstate I77

  • Huntersville, NC - Exit 25
  • Cornelius, NC - Exit 28
  • Davidson, NC - Exit 30
  • The Langtree Rd/Peninsula (New) - Exit 31
  • Williamson Road - Exit 33
  • Brawley School Rd/Peninsula (New) - Exit 35
  • Mooresville, NC - Hwy 150 - Exit 36
  • Troutman, NC - Exit 42

Lake Norman is the largest lake in North Carolina with 530 miles of shoreline which is longer than the entire state of North Carolina measured from East to West (503 miles). Lake Norman location is 20 miles north of Charlotte, NC, currently ranked as the 25th largest metropolitan area in the country. Thus Lake Norman's size and location provide an abundance of waterfront homes and recreational areas. If you would like to read more about the history of Lake Norman please visit

Finding your way around the Lake

Mecklenburg County

Finding your way around the lake is quite simple. Since Huntersville is the most southern part of the Lake Norman, I would start there, traveling west on Highway 73 toward Denver. Highway 73 tracks the most southern part of the lake. Just before you get to Denver, you will pass the Lake Norman Dam. Depending on the time of the year, you may see some water flowing over the spillways.

Lincoln County

When you get to Highway 16, I would travel on business 16, not 16 Express. Drive north until you get to Campground Rd (Stacey's Resturant with real country cooking is on the corner) take a right. If you want to check out neighborhoods while on the Denver side you can try these some of these neighborhoods: Sailview, Verdict Ridge and Cowans Ford.

Catawba County

Traveling east on Campground Road, you will intersect with NC Highway 150. It is the East-West way across Lake Norman. To the North of Highway 150 is the towns of Catawba, Sherrills Ford and Troutman. Northview Harbor is a popular subdivision in Sherrills Ford. Catawba County is the more rural area of Lake Norman. Because of this more rural nature and lack of amenities prices of waterfront lots and homes are lower.

Iredell County

Highway 150 takes you into Mooresville, the largest town on Lake Norman. The Point, home of Trump National Golf Club - Charlotte is the most upscale subdivision in Mooresville. When you get to Interstate I-77, go South.

Mecklenburg County

You will pass thru Davidson NC, home of Davidson University, and come to Cornelius at Exit 28. Cornelius is the first town that blossomed when Lake Norman was created in 1993. There are some highly recommended subdivisions with The Peninsula being the most popular. Continuing going South on I-77 you will be at exit 25, Huntersville. Huntersville has the most commercial of the Lake Norman waterfront towns including Birkdale; a must visit shopping area.

You are now back at your starting point and your tour would have taken about 2-3 hours. We will be happy to be your guide when you come to Lake Norman, And if the weather/season works out, we will take you on a complimentary boat tour.

Lake Norman Terminology

Main Channel View, Cove View, Deep Water, Water View and Low Taxes are all terms you will find as you search Lake Norman Waterfront Homes for Sale. Some of the words are subjective or are used loosely but generally here is how they are defined.

Main Channel Views:
Views of larger channels of the lake that have coves feeding off of them. These views will vary in width and distance with some extending 7 miles. Note: There is not one specific channel that's referred to as the "main channel" but more a collection of channels around the lake. As a result, some of the "main channel views" will be more expansive than others.
Cove Views:
As the name indicates the views are of a cove. A cove is an area of the lake does not have any other large inlets feeding from it. Coves vary in width and length and the views change from your location, i.e. if you are looking across or down the cove.
Deep Water:
There is a varying interpretation of deep water. We consider a lot to have deep water if you have around 4 ft of water at the normal lowest lake level . This will provide ample depth for boats of any size.
Water Views:
This can be the most subjective. Some homes will have fantastic views while not being waterfront. Other listings will advertise water views when you can see only a small portion of the lake while standing on the upper deck. Listing agents can answer yes or no to whether a home is water view based on the information in the MLS. To get an accurate context of the view, look through photos, read the remarks and check out google maps aerials view.
Low Taxes:
A listing advertising low taxes is comparing the home's taxes to Mecklenburg County rates. Iredell, Catawba and Lincoln counties all have lower tax rates than Mecklenburg County